Clients may become engaged in our Direct Primary Care program dependent on their individual needs. Direct primary care is a return to the roots of medicine, allowing for a 1:1 relationship between the patient and provider by providing greater access for patients directly to their providers.

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Direct Primary Care

Services for members: 

  • Primary Care

    • Annual exams

    • Evidence-based management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc. 

  • Proactive &  Preventative Medicine

    • Anti-aging

    • Rejuvenation

    • Nutritional support

    • Fitness programming and support

    • Health coach services

  • Same day appointments typically available!!

  • Telemedicine as needed to be determined by MD!

  • Mental Wellness Consultation and Management!

  • Basic Weight Management Strategies for maintenance!

    • Weight Loss Program separate