Lancaster Wellness Affiliate Partnerships

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Lancaster Wellness Med Spa

Lancaster Wellness affiliates support our goals for our patients, helping them to live holistic, health-promoting lifestyles!

Lancaster Wellness is continuously expanding our affiliate partnerships with like-minded businesses. Our goal is to improve the health of our members by helping them to make improvements in:

  • Nutrition,
  • Fitness levels,
  • Stress management capabilities,
  • Promote the formation of positive relationships/ expansion of a positive social network,
  • Mindful choices/ reduction in use of harmful foods and substances.

Our community partners share overlapping goals and can help our members on their journeys to optimal health and wellbeing.

Lancaster Wellness Proud Partnerships

Lancaster Wellness members receive the following membership benefits through our affiliates as outlined below:

West End Yoga

Lancaster Wellness Med Spa

Mindfulness, peace, movement, and fitness that calms and restores!

OUR MISSION (from West End Yoga)

Here at West End Yoga, we strive to provide our yoga students and wellness enthusiasts a communal learning environment that is dedicated to healing and compassion, guided by teachers who are sophisticated, innovative, and attentive to the details of core integration and alignment.

Lancaster Wellness members receive 1/2 off the first-class price at West End Yoga, as well as 10% off a monthly membership for as long as clients are enrolled in Lancaster Wellness Direct Primary Care or Weight Loss Programs.

Members of West End Yoga receive 10% off the weight loss program, 10% off monthly Direct Primary Care services, and 10% off esthetic services for as long as they have current membership with West End Yoga.

Rise Krav Maga

Lancaster Wellness Med Spa

Fitness that may save your life–in more ways than just improving your health!

Rise Krav Maga offers classes for all ages. Classes include youth martial arts, adult Krav Maga, 1 on 1 training, boxing, and kickboxing, as well as Women’s Awareness training courses. Martial arts classes can burn up to 700 calories in an hour. Not only that, but martial arts training builds both fitness as well as skills that may protect you in unexpected situations.

Lancaster Wellness members receive 20% of their monthly membership at Rise Krav Mag for as long as they are members at Lancaster Wellness.

Rise Krav Maga members receive 20% off the Lancaster Wellness weight loss program.

Clean Plate

Lancaster Wellness Med Spa

This company was founded to help the busy person who wants to eat healthily but lacks the time for meal prep!

The Clean Plate Nutrition Story

As a busy family, we found it hard to eat healthy and looked for an alternative. After trying several of the “meal prep” companies, we found the cost to be steep, and lacking fresh, local farm to table ingredients.

We offer three choices for your fitness goals. Enjoy meals tailored to Gain, Maintain, or Lean, depending on your personal lifestyle.

All conveniently delivered. We are dedicated to feeding the athlete in you.

Lancaster Wellness members receive a 5% discount on meals from Clean Plate. These meals are great for clients looking to lose weight but who struggle with meal prep.

Clean Plate meals and snacks are sourced from local farms and markets, and made completely from scratch–even the sauces–all from scratch!!!!