about our med spa

Lancaster Wellness is the healthcare practice that focuses on you and your health goals. Our Medical & Wellness clinic is about returning to the roots of medicine and strengthening the doctor-patient relationship, with an authentic hometown feel. 

Choosing our practice comes with countless benefits you won’t be able to find anywhere else            

  • Our weight loss service has proven and consistent results.  Call us for details!

  • A more direct relationship with your doctor, like it used to be!

  • Fewer patients = more time with your doctor. Our clinic prioritizes time with our clients over patient volume.  In doing this, we are more accessible to our clients.  

  • Holistic + preventative care, through integration of physician staff, nursing staff, and certified health coaching and certified personal training staff to support your health and wellness journey.  

  • Contact us directly at your own convenience, any time

  • Clear and consistent pricing​

  • Your health & wellness are our #1 priority

Our practice is different from others due to our transparency, unique services, accessibility of care, and attention to high-quality care. Our monthly membership provides an innovative approach to primary care by valuing deep personal relationships with our patients to simplify your medical needs. Call us today for a consultation and learn how we can revolutionize your healthcare experience.  

All of our services are CASH based.  WE DO NOT accept any insurance. By contracting directly with the patient, we are able to reduce overhead costs and concentrate on providing exceptional patient care.  Medications and labs will be run through your current insurance when appropriate.